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No more Fords: A challenge for PR, politicians, journalists & citizens

Ethical PR, strong journalism and greater participation are keys to better governance Toronto’s long local nightmare is over. After generating global attention for the unethical and illegal behaviour of Rob Ford, the outgoing mayor – and the city’s incomprehensible inability to remove him from office – Toronto City Hall is in saner, wiser hands. Why is this topic relevant to an international public relations blog? When practised at its best, PR is the discipline that … read more

TRUST: The currency of resilient business

‘Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices.’ – Warren Buffett Business has always been about trust and relationships – but never more so than today. With non-physical and non-financial assets now comprising the vast majority of most companies’ valuations, intangibles such as trust and reputation have become critical to long-term success. What are the keys to earning trust – and keeping it? This … read more

Canadian families: What they mean to political parties

Who represents the Canadian family? Fiscal update frames pre-election debate for stakeholders The battle for the hearts and minds of Canadians in next October’s election officially begins as Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivered the annual fall budget update and fiscal projections. Moving the normally stuffy fiscal update out of the House of Commons and into a Toronto hotel conference room – and the media centre of the country – the governing Conservatives were clearly hoping … read more

Argyle opens federal public affairs practice in Ottawa

Argyle Communications, one of Canada’s largest independent public relations firms, today announced the opening of a federal public affairs practice in Ottawa. Argyle has done extensive work in government communications at all levels – federal, provincial, municipal and international – and is well-placed to deepen its activities in the nation’s capital. The award-winning firm, headquartered in Toronto since 1979, is led by CEO Daniel Tisch, a former senior political advisor and public servant in various … read more

PR’s creative expansion

This article originally appeared at By hiring creative directors and launching branding and design services, are PR firms reinventing themselves? One of the hottest trends in public relations is the investment by leading PR firms in their creative capabilities. Some are partnering with creative agencies. Others have hired their own creative directors. Argyle Communications has taken a slightly different approach, launching a brand counsel and design subsidiary (see last week’s post). What’s behind this … read more

Your brand, powered by communication

Argyle launches new brand counsel and creative design consultancy Argyle, one of Canada’s largest independent public relations firms, today announced the launch of a new subsidiary, Argyle Brand Counsel + Design. ABC+D combines branding, design, communications and public relations to influence how the public perceives and interacts with brands, the cultures they create, and the ideas they promote. Branding is increasingly crucial in integrated communications and the addition of ABC+D’s capabilities ensures Argyle’s clients get … read more

Communication with Conscience: PR’s 21st century challenge

In September, I had the unforgettable experience of co-chairing the Eighth World Public Relations Forum – likely the most diverse global public relations conference in history. More than 800 delegates from 66 countries came together in Madrid for three days of dialogue and presentations from speakers representing global corporations, organizations such as the OECD and the World Economic Forum, and governments, including an address by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain. The theme was an … read more

You think you want a digital campaign? You’re wrong.

How clients can navigate as digital communication changes PR and marketing When a client says, “I’m looking for a digital or social media campaign,” how should you respond? “No, you’re not!” is the answer public relations industry analyst Paul Holmes recommended to a room full of agency leaders in Toronto last week. The respected British trade journalist, who has chronicled the growth of the global PR industry for a generation, made the simple but too-often … read more

Learning from tragedy: Malaysian Airlines and crisis communications

Special thanks to my colleague Nick Williams for his idea and research for this post. In an era of short attention spans and fragmented audiences, it’s rare to see the world so transfixed for weeks as it has been with the fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. The combination of mystery, international scope and relatable human tragedy made the jet’s disappearance a powerful story, and this week’s confirmation of its passengers’ deaths has united the … read more

Can your reputation weather a customer service crisis?

A version of this post appeared on February 11th in Marketing Magazine A bitter winter shows where communication can make a difference In much of the Northern Hemisphere, an unusually brutal winter has wreaked havoc on travel schedules, paralyzed airports, shut down electrical grids, strained customer relations, and created reputation management challenges for many organizations. Unlike a crisis that affects health or safety, the primary risk in a customer service disaster is to the organization’s … read more

A role for PR in 2014: Communication with conscience

PR professionals will increasingly see themselves as the conscience of their organizations. This article appeared previously in the Public Relations Society of America’s “PR in 2014″ series on January 23, 2014. In both public relations and marketing, the idea of using content to engage audiences was everywhere in 2013, marking a shift from transaction-driven communication to brand storytelling that provides information, education or entertainment to audiences, and to those who influence them. As this trend accelerates … read more

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