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Argyle earns international award for interactive campaign

As Argyle celebrates the end of another great year of building clients’ public relationships, look what we found under the tree: our first Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA) — for an interactive digital campaign to promote electrical safety in Ontario.   With only 6% of all submitted entries worldwide deemed worthy of an award, Argyle was recognized for its strength in education communications and creative delivery of brand messaging.   “For the Argyle team, it’s … read more

Argyle adds VPs in Toronto and Ottawa, planning for 2016 growth

Canadian PR firm welcomes new vice-presidents for digital communications & public affairs   Argyle Public Relationships™, one of Canada’s largest independent public relations firms, bolsters its executive leadership team with the hires of David Gourlay as Vice President, Public Affairs, in Ottawa, and Terri McBay, Vice President, Digital Communications, in Toronto.   “The Argyle brand promise is about strengthening our clients’ relationships, reputations and brands with all their publics – from public sector decision-makers to … read more

The Master Communicator: Toronto Star interviews Dan Tisch

Copy of original article posted November 2, 2015 by the Toronto Star   Daniel Tisch’s journey from the public to private sector led him, reluctantly at first, to the world of public relations — he’s never looked back.   While working as a member of a cabinet minister’s staff and attending the G7 summit in his 20s, Daniel Tisch never imagined a future for himself inside the private sector. “I was a public-sector person in … read more

Canada’s election: New Parliament, new priorities

Canada’s 42nd election will be remembered not just for the closely fought campaign, but also for the way it engaged Canadians, producing the highest voter turnout since 1993 (68%). The big story of the campaign’s final weeks was the shift in support from the NDP to the Liberals, enabling Justin Trudeau and his party to form a majority government with 39.5% of the popular vote and 54% of the seats in the House of Commons. … read more

Argyle ranked as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

PROFIT magazine & Canadian Business unveil 27th annual PROFIT 500 list   TORONTO (September 17, 2015) — Argyle Public Relationships today celebrates its inclusion in the PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Canadian Business and PROFIT magazine. Published in the October issue of Canadian Business and at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their five-year revenue growth.   Argyle made the 2015 PROFIT 500 list with five-year revenue growth … read more

Catching Election Fever – Playing the Long Game

A campaign update from Argyle’s Ottawa office Here at Argyle Public Relationships, we have election fever! With Canadians going to the polls in 5 weeks on October 19th, we have caught the bug and we are watching the developments, events and drama that will occur in Canada’s 42nd federal election. Argyle’s government relations team in Ottawa has been tracking the writ period since it was called by the Prime Minister in early August for Canadians … read more

The elevation of public relations: from content to relationships

A version of this post appeared on July 2nd on Marketing Magazine There’s a paradox in modern public relations: as a business, PR is thriving like never before, even as its best-known product – media relations – seems threatened by an erosion in traditional journalism. Why is public relations thriving? It’s all about the public, or publics. As consumers, citizens and stakeholders, we have lost trust in corporations, governments, leaders and institutions, just as we have … read more

Argyle earns top PR awards, unveils new brand identity

Argyle Public Relationships™ spans PR, digital communications, branding & public affairs Fresh from earning top Canadian and global awards in public relations, advocacy and social marketing, one of the nation’s largest independent PR firms is carving out a unique positioning territory, focusing not just on the process of public relations, but also on the business outcome of “public relationships.” After 35 years in business, Argyle Communications announced today that it will begin operating as Argyle … read more

Issue of the month – May 2015: Climate of confusion

Welcome to May’s Issue of the Month, an Argyler’s take on two words the governor of Florida doesn’t want us to say… “Climate Change.” In March, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting published a “so bizarre it must be true” story about the governor’s alleged wishes. According to their investigation, officials in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection had been ordered not to use the terms “climate change” or “global warming” in any official communications, … read more

Logos, personal brands and presidential politics

Argyle’s creative strategist analyzes 2016 candidate visuals. Ever since a visibly perspiring Richard Nixon lost a nationally televised debate to a relaxed and dashing John F. Kennedy, personal branding has been pivotal to US presidential politics – a trend that continues as the 2016 election season dawns.   Campaign logos, how the American people perceive them, and how these visual representation of a candidate jibe with the candidate’s vision and values, are an interesting study … read more

A passport to PR: March 2015

Answering Three Questions from Young Public Relations Professionals Last week, Argyle Communications’ Toronto office was honoured to be one of four workplaces to receive a visit from a large group of public relations students as part of the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Passport to PR program.   In covering the event, Marketing Magazine asked me to answer three questions commonly asked by aspiring public relations professionals. What’s the best advice you have for graduating PR students? You need great … read more

PR & journalism: Scandal shows perils of blurred boundaries

A version of this article first appeared in PR Conversations, one of the public relations profession’s premier collaborative blogs. When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one As media scandals go, it was a big one for Canada: The revelation that for the past two years one of the nation’s better-known TV news anchors was a part owner of a small PR firm. Even more unnerving … read more

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