About Believeco:Partners

Argyle is proud to be part of Believeco:Partners, a leading owner, operator and builder of North America’s foremost partner-led marketing, communications and engagement agencies. Argyle’s senior leaders are founding shareholders.

Within our corporate family, we bring Argyle clients the services of Believeco, our marketing agency partner, and Castlemain, our Indigenous advisory partner firm.

Who we are

We’re called Believeco:Partners for a reason: we believe in partnership. Our partners own the business. And we believe our partner-led agencies deliver better service and value to our clients, and a better experience for our teams.

We believe in independence – and in the qualities that make independent agencies extraordinary: keeping founders at the wheel, with skin in the game and committed to the long-term future of their teams and their clients’ business.

We believe in relationships. Between us and our clients – rooted in authenticity. Between brands and customers – creating loyalty. Between organizations and the public – earning trust and confidence. And between our company and our communities – rooted in responsibility.

How we work

We believe in empowerment and accountability: we empower our leaders and agencies to do what they believe is right for their clients and their people, while being accountable to one another. This avoids big-agency bureaucracy, and protects the scrappiness, entrepreneurial spirit and humanity  that got us here.

We believe in specialization. Believeco offers marketing strategy and services at their best – creating relationships between brands and their customers that drive affinity, loyalty and business. Argyle delivers engagement, communication and reputation advisory services to build relationships between organizations and their stakeholders – reducing risk and creating opportunity and business value.

How we’ll grow

We believe in growth: of people, professionals, businesses and communities. Our model – with empowered agencies sharing centralized services – allows us to scale quickly, while enabling our talent to focus on their clients.

We believe in Canada. While our ambitions and operations extend beyond our borders, we believe in this country’s communications and marketing industries. That’s why, with funding from the Canadian Business Growth Fund, we are investing in the future.

Get in Touch

Every relationship starts with a conversation. Drop us a line and let’s talk.

An Argyle team member will respond personally as soon as possible. If your matter is urgent, please also call us at (416) 968-7311 and press “0”.