Diabetes Canada

Sugary September


In September 2015, the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) teamed up with Argyle Public Relationships for a media relations campaign during Canada’s federal election. Adding to this challenge was the late start, formidable competition for attention, and the remarkably little focus on healthcare during the election campaigns.


The CDA and Argyle cut through the clutter with a powerful, controversial, evidence-backed call for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, given their link to type-2 diabetes. Argyle believed providing scientifically accurate, powerful information on the amount of “hidden” sugar in common sugar-sweetened beverages would resonate with the target consumer audiences - and the call for a tax would attract media attention.


By developing articulate spokespeople, using powerful media visuals and evidence, and leveraging timely news hooks, the campaign earned the CDA the greatest share of voice among Canada’s major health charities during the election — and drove more than 370,000 people to the CDA’s campaign site, where Canadians could better understand their own risk of diabetes.


IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence – Media Relations

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