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Changing a mindset through content


COLD-FX Daily Support is a Natural Health Product. COLD-FX Daily Support helps to reduce the Frequency, Severity and Duration of cold and flu symptoms by Boosting the Immune System. For years, COLD-FX had successfully owned the cold and flu space and was now trying to move beyond it into a lifestyle product – one that could be part of peoples’ daily lifestyle use during cough and cold season. This required a mindset shift to think about the product as a daily supportive part of your routine during cough and cold season and not just when you experience the first signs of cold and flu.


The solution was to take COLD-FX out of the medicine cabinet and bring it into everyday spaces like the kitchen, gym bag and nightstand. We wanted to remind COLD-FXers that the product is always there to help them reduce the chance of catching cold and flu so they can keep doing what they love. Through dynamic imagery, influencer content development and expert partnerships we developed content that recognized the value of COLD-FX as part of lifestyle and routine during cough and cold season. Our social content and e-newsletter content pivoted to provide value-based content with dynamic imagery portraying activities COLD-FXers enjoy – in other words, real people doing real things. The candid, dynamic imagery provided a shared sense of an active community and reminded COLD-FXers of why they were taking care of their immune health. Imagery from our influencers, along with dynamic stock imagery showcased the product being used in their favourite everyday spaces. Our e-newsletters featured access to experts providing tips on one or more pillars of immune health and a personal story from a COLD-FXer sharing how and why they use the product. The content was built around health and wellness lifestyle tips that consumers could integrate into their day-to-day lives alongside COLD-FX. With videos and images built around workouts, movement, healthy recipes, enhancing mood, and sleep quality, the brand was able to energize and motivate their consumer community to value a healthy lifestyle during both good and challenging days.


Our copy that was developed to accompany the imagery or stories that were featured in our e-newsletters built on the mindset that immune health is practiced every day, not just when you’re sick. Through the use of testimonials and expert-provided tips, we encouraged COLD-FXer to slowly change habits and build healthier one. We re-assured consumers that everyone needs a little help sometimes and reminded them how strong immune health is multifaceted (with factors including sleep, stress, environment, nutrition, exercise, and much more). Our content provided them with valuable ways to feel part of a healthier community and change their mindsets and behaviours to fuel a healthier lifestyle. Even now, our e-newsletter open and clickthrough rates continue to beat industry averages, with issues that include a high-value coupon for in-store redemption earning the strongest success metrics.

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