Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: DrinkSense

Challenging perceptions, inspiring healthy behaviour


In 2017, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries decided to combine its award-winning social responsibility suites under their new DrinkSense brand. The Argyle team had to help seamlessly transition not one, but three well-known brands into a new, all-encompassing brand used to address issues around drinking during pregnancy, binge drinking and speaking honestly to children about the effects of alcohol.


All social marketing materials were infused with a whole new look and feel, focusing on positive outcomes of using one’s DrinkSense to drink responsibly. The approach was reflected in brighter colours, focused messaging and the use of healthy lifestyle imagery to bring the new brand to the forefront and to encourage people to visit the DrinkSense website for information.


First-year results exceeded everyone’s expectations - particularly for an entirely new brand. By the end of 2017, 29% of Manitobans who consumed alcohol were aware of the DrinkSense brand and unique visitors to the DrinkSense website rose to 32,800 from 4,700 the previous year. Since then, the brand has only continued to grow in awareness and people are embracing the positive, judgment-free spirit behind the DrinkSense messages.


  • Electronic Media | Social Media/Interactive Media | Audio – Ad (Gold), Be the Influence, Little Talks Radio Ad
  • Public Relations | Strategic Programs – Corporate Social Responsibility Program (Honourable Mention), Memorable Nights, Incredible Mornings
  • Radio Ad/Broadcast (Gold) – DrinkSense Little Talks radio ad

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