Government of Nunavut: Department of Health

Community-based, culturally sensitive campaigns to reduce tobacco use


Nearly 75% of Nunavummiut use tobacco – a rate 4.5 times higher than the rest of Canada. Many people are exposed to second-hand smoke in their homes and tobacco has a significant impact on the health of Nunavummiut. Our research showed that many Nunavummiut are unaware of the health and social impacts of tobacco use.


We created community-based, culturally sensitive campaigns to reduce tobacco use in Nunavut, where nearly three-quarters of people use tobacco – the highest rate in Canada. Argyle has delivered multiple phases of  Tobacco Has No Place Here since 2015. Grounded in community research and consultation, we developed culturally-appropriate campaigns and outreach to educate Nunavummiut about the risks of smoking while pregnant, promote new laws about smoke-free zones around public buildings and encourage them to pass on cultural traditions, not tobacco, to children.  


Since we started our work, we have seen tobacco sales decline and use of tobacco cessation products increase. Social norms around second-hand smoke have changed greatly and it’s no longer unusual to see Nunavummiut smoking outside their homes and public buildings – even in minus-40 winter weather. Almost one in five Nunavummiut are engaged with the Tobacco Has No Place Here Facebook page. 


  • Health Promotion Canada Team Award 2019 for our efforts with the Tobacco and Cannabis Program to reduce tobacco use in Nunavut
  • Summit Creative Award| Public Service Campaign | Pass on Something Better
  • Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award 2017 | Public Service/Advocacy | Pass on Something Better

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