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Honourable Words Require Honourable Actions


The Sixties Scoop – an issue of notorious proportions within the First Nations communities – was largely unknown in mainstream Canada and by bringing this case and issue into the public eye – particularly with liberal-minded Canadians and influencers – we would advance progress by turning the case from a low-profile legal proceeding to a high-profile political issue.


Demonstrate to the government that there was public support for the claimants’ cause from their political base, both through social media attention from influencers and the public, and direct representations to the government. We could achieve broad and sympathetic national and provincial (ON) news coverage of the case, by positioning it among the other large unresolved injustices against Indigenous people, to increase political profile and pressure for a resolution.


On August 17th, the day after the release and publication of the Open Letter, Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett issued the first-ever public response from the federal government to the Sixties Scoop Case, stating her desire to work together with the litigants to settle the case out of court. In early December 2016, under much public scrutiny, the federal government presented its defense against the claimants. On February 1st, Minister Bennett formally announced the launch of negotiations to settle all Sixties Scoop claims in Canada. An historic settlement was reached in 2017.


  • Best Use of Media Relations, IABC Ovation
  • Best Use of Media Relations, IABC Gold Quill
  • Best of Government Relations, IABC Ovation
  • Government Relations Campaign of the Year
  • Best Overall PR Campaign of the Year

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