The transformation of communication

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It’s a paradox of the digital age that even as technology makes communication easier, it seems to make relationships harder. Truth and trust – the twin enablers of a healthy relationship between an organization and its stakeholders – are often elusive. To succeed, organizations need new mindsets – and communicators need new skillsets.

Communicating with empathy in an era of disruption

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Change—relentless, fearsome, hopeful, exciting, anxiety-provoking change—is part of the zeitgeist of our time. One of today’s few certainties is that our very near future will look significantly different from our present. What does that have to do with public communications? Everything.

Canadians happiest with small rewards over big dreams

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When it comes to loyalty programs, Canadians seem happiest with providers of small rewards such as free movies and groceries rather than those who promise dream vacations, according to an independent national study released today.

Resilience: Why do some businesses and brands have it — and some don’t?

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The greatest businesses and brands are known for their resilience — a quality more prized than ever in an era when so much of a company’s value lies in its reputation and other intangible assets.

Behind the ChangeMaker: Christian M.

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Christian Massaroni is a member of our Client Service team, working closely with his clients on a day-to-day basis by supporting them in all of their communication needs. With a combination of endearing charisma, wit and caffeine-fueled enthusiasm for his work, Christian's collaborative efforts with both his clients and his team ensures that projects see positive results.