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  • The Power of Public Relationships

    Business success depends on trust. And trust depends on relationships -- with customers, employees, influencers and stakeholders. By unlocking the power of public relationships, Argyle builds resilient reputations and bigger, better brands.

  • Where the new PR leads

    What’s the best predictor of a strong brand? Strong relationships. At Argyle, we believe relationships can’t be bought; they must be earned. That’s where the new PR leads.

  • Award-winning relationships

    For 35 years, Argyle has been a trusted partner to big brands. That’s made us one of Canada’s most acclaimed agencies – with awards including Mid-Sized Agency of the Year and Campaign of the Year.

  • From PR to public relationships

    PR has always been important; but in the digital age, it’s essential. Public relations is a business process; but public relationships are a business outcome – one that’s measurable and meaningful.

Yes, we do video production
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