Across our practice teams and network of offices, Argyle has deep, broad experience spanning multiple industries and sectors. With such a rich pool of talent, what sets us apart is our ability to create the ideal team of professionals for each client’s needs. Our team becomes your team, offering you resources capable of achieving virtually anything you need from communication.


We have one of North America’s premier agri-business communications teams, with the experience, the market knowledge and insight to deliver communication that resonates with audiences – from farmers’ fields to grocery stores to government leaders.


We have been putting automotive clients on the right road for years. With stories about innovation, mobility, safety and value, we build marketing and communications programs that deliver where the rubber meets the road.


We believe cleantech is more than just an environmental imperative; it’s an entirely new world of opportunities for invention and employment across the globe. Through communication, we’ll help you tell your value-creation story with impact.


It’s not just about knowing who buys, but how and why they buy. We delve deeper into understanding all aspects of a marketplace from customer to client, from the rise of e-commerce to the power of online influencers.


We’re passionate about education – a human right that helps realize human potential. We’ve worked at every level – from early years to post-secondary institutions – managing parent, teacher and student engagement, and building strong educational brands.


The energy sector powers much of our economy – and our prosperity. That’s why we help design authentic narratives about responsible development, helping to build sustainable brands and businesses.


Climate action is the #1 issue of our time – and one of Argyle’s deepest areas of expertise.


Few if any industries move faster than finance, with transformational impacts on peoples’ lives and futures. We help financial institutions communicate business and social value – in an environment of transparency and trust.

Food and Beverage

You are what you eat? We agree. Our daily diet includes digesting nutritional guidelines, food safety, labelling and import regulations, and marketplace trends.

Government and Public Sector

Argyle’s counsel is rooted in decades of experience listening and engaging the public in the decisions that affect them. We help shape and communicate policies on some of the biggest issues in the public sector.

Health and Wellness

Expertly navigating an ever-evolving sector, our health team understands the complexities at the intersection of science medicine, behaviour, business and policy. That understanding powers impactful, integrated campaigns.


Issues of rights, reconciliation and cultural respect run deep in Canada. We are committed to collaborating on projects that amplify the voices of Indigenous people, encourage healing and support a future built on respect.

International Trade

Ours is a global economy, and trade with other countries is the lynchpin. Working across borders, we build relationships that drive both marketing and sales.

Non-profit and NGOs

As a firm with a deep commitment to social purpose and community health, we have a long history of helping NGOs and non-profits communicate their impact – with impact.

Planning and Infrastructure

If you build it, they will come. If you build it by engaging the community it serves, you will build it better. We are here to help you do just that, by bringing together all your stakeholders to create a blueprint for your success.


Success is the difference between thinking about the now and thinking about the years from now. Looking at sustainability from a business and environmental standpoint is how we create a path forward, through the good times and the bad.


Technology is a modern juggernaut in constant motion. We help technology brands understand and address public needs and expectations. We build reputations not just by communicating innovation and product value – but also value to society.

Transportation and Transit

Getting from here to there is a science, and one in which we have deep expertise. We create engagement and communication plans rooted in real life, from parking to traffic flow to schedules. In other words, we get transportation going in the right direction.

Ask us about the services you see (and ones you don’t).
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