Argyle Invests in Castlemain, the Leading Indigenous Advisory Group in Canada

The Castlemain Group, a leading advisory firm serving Indigenous nations, communities and peoples, today announced a new partnership with Argyle, one of North America’s largest independent engagement, communication and reputation consulting firms.

Argyle has made a major investment in Castlemain and becomes co-owner of the firm alongside Castlemain’s president, Rob McPhee. Rob is an economic consultant and negotiator and a member of the Tahltan Nation. The partnership builds on growing collaboration between the two teams as Argyle has expanded its own work with Indigenous clients, and with non-Indigenous organizations committed to reconciliation.

Headquartered in Vancouver and with 20 professionals working in B.C. and Alberta, Castlemain’s advisory service areas include governance, negotiation, economic development, lands, infrastructure and strategic engagement and communications.

Castlemain will gain immediate access to Argyle’s network of offices and teams in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Washington, D.C.. This positions the company to support its current team and clients across the country.

”Castlemain has always aspired to grow our work with Indigenous clients to help achieve their goals – and today those goals have no limits,” McPhee says. “The partnership with Argyle will allow Castlemain to serve our clients with a broader array of service offerings and greater geographic reach. Nation-building and re-building is demanding changes. Our clients are leading in new spaces, and we are proud to be there with them.”

Because Argyle has a strong client base of corporations, institutions and investors, Castlemain and Argyle see opportunities to work together to support organizations aiming to commit to reconciliation to move from good intentions to tangible and transformative action. In the long term, there is also the potential to work with U.S. clients.

“Argyle aspires to bring together the best people to do the most impactful work in the country and the world. That includes helping to advance Indigenous reconciliation and self-determination,” said Argyle CEO Daniel Tisch. “The excellent work we have already done together makes the Argyle team even more excited to invest in Castlemain’s capabilities to deliver more value to clients and communities.”

Argyle’s work with Indigenous clients includes a public advocacy campaign that helped achieve an historic settlement for survivors of the Sixties Scoop; a program to introduce the Orange Path movement to Canadians; a successful campaign with an individual First Nation to protect its last wilderness while embracing sustainable development; settlement communications for survivors of the Indian Day Schools, Indian Residential School Day Scholars and First Nations Drinking Water; and the Take Care in COVID  series of campaigns for the National Association of Friendship Centres.

About Castlemain

Castlemain is one of the leading advisory groups serving Indigenous clients in Canada. Castlemain works from a deep commitment to the intent of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Since the company was formed in 2011, the Castlemain team have collaborated with over 175 Indigenous clients, including Indigenous communities and governments, and organizations from across Canada on over 500 different projects.

Castlemain strives to build meaningful and productive relationships that serve the needs of its clients, many of whom choose work with the company regularly. Based on the firm’s expertise in self-governance, economic self-determination, reconciliation and the social sector, its services are also sought after by all levels of government.

About Argyle

Argyle is a North American team of engagement, communication and reputation advisors, with offices across Canada and Washington DC with a growing US team. Driven by its purpose to communicate truth and earn trust through relationships between its clients and their stakeholders, Argyle’s team has a track record of success working with private, public and non-profit sector leaders across Canada. Argyle’s clients span many sectors, including finance, technology, health care, agri-food, travel, professional services, infrastructure, government, non-profits and many more.

Argyle has more than 120 full-time employees in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Ottawa, and Washington, D.C., with affiliates in Montreal and Quebec City, and in more than 40 countries around the world.

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Rob McPhee, President, Castlemain

Daniel Tisch, CEO, Argyle

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