(Client) Love will keep us together

At Argyle, we value our deep, enduring connections with our clients. In fact, we’re so invested in building long-term relationships that some of our client partnerships are old enough to be high school sweethearts! So, what’s the secret to making it stick? It’s no different from any lasting relationship: shared values, common goals and mutual respect.

Inspired by these values, plus the romance in the air, we’d like to share our mushy feelings in a love letter to the perfect client.

To our work Valentines,

We love supporting your goals (and we’ll push you to aim high): Many of our clients come to us with lofty communications goals, but at Argyle, we like to take things a step further. We work with clients to align communications goals with measurable business impact. Plus, we celebrate your wins as our wins, especially when we develop award-winning campaigns together!

We love that our values align: One of our first principles at Argyle is to work with clients we respect and clients who respect us. We favour those who create shared value for society, because giving back is an important part of achieving our purpose. Our bottom line: we love taking on opportunities we can serve with energy and enthusiasm and feel proud of the results we achieve together.

We’re best when we work together: Collaboration is critical to a healthy relationship. With our clients, our best work comes when we truly work together as one team. On some of our client teams, Argylers even have company email addresses! When we say “we” at Argyle, we truly mean the larger “we:” the one made up of our staff and client teams, all working to achieve the same goals. Ultimately, we want to know what business concern keeps you up at night, and we’ll put our heads together to ensure you rest easier.

We’re on the same page about money: In longer-term romances, few things can undermine a relationship faster than a misalignment on finances. The same can be true for agency-client relationships. At Argyle, our approach is to agree on a budget and through transparency and clear communication, avoid surprises that might get in the way of our collective success.

We respect each other’s boundaries: Given that we have quite a few client relationships, you might question whether we’re monogamous. Open relationships only work if they’re built on a mutual understanding of boundaries. That’s why we never make eyes at other businesses that would conflict with our team’s love for you. It’s important to us that we earn your trust every day.

We love meeting your family: At Argyle, we see communications as core to business goals, and take pride in elevating communications in the eyes of broader client teams. With many of our clients, we work beyond communications, bringing our strategic thinking and counsel into other parts of the organization that can benefit from our expertise – including the C-suite. So, introduce us to your work family. We promise that when we meet, we’ll be better behaved than when your real family gets together for the holidays.

Faithfully yours,

Argyle 💗

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