Argyle Internship 101: Q&A with Emilita & Christina

Curious to learn more about what to expect in a PR internship at Argyle? We’ve got you covered. This Q&A with two Argylers gives you an inside scoop on what to expect, what they’ve learned and what you need to know.

1. Question: You both started as interns at Argyle. What were your favourite parts of the program and what made you want to take on this role?

  • Christina: I loved being able to work cross-practice and gain experience working with a variety of clients from health to corporate before being hired full-time and focusing on one practice group. This allowed me to discover my interests and passions and work with many different colleagues across the company. My experience as an intern at Argyle motivated me to want to provide the same experience for up-and-coming PR professionals!
  • Emilita: My time as an intern at Argyle in 2019 was truly surreal. I had previous experience working at other PR agencies, but during my time at Argyle, I was fully exposed to opportunities I didn’t even think existed. I supported different projects across practice teams and clients across the health, consumer and corporate industries. As I started to take on more projects, and with the support of the Argyle team, I slowly started to realize my interest and passion in healthcare PR. The positive experience I had as an intern made me realize how much I wanted others to have the same experience that I did. It’s a full circle moment: five years later, I’m now co-leading the Argyle internship program with Christina and helping it evolve to support the professional development of the next generation of future Argylers. I’m excited!

2. Question: What did you find most rewarding about your internship experience?

  • Christina: The opportunity to have coffee chats with everyone across the agency, from junior to senior colleagues. It was a great way to understand who Argyle is, what different roles do and really feel a part of the Argyle team. This was also vital when I started on the Corporate and Public Affairs team full-time because I had connections across the company which helped make cross-practice collaboration easier!
  • Emilita: I really appreciated the chance to see my work come to life through different client campaigns that I was able to support during my internship. Often times, there’s still this idea that as an intern, you’re behind the scenes and you don’t always get to work on exciting projects or watch them come to fruition. At Argyle, I had the opposite experience. I had the chance to be a part of a campaign from start to finish, and ultimately watch it come to life. Not only that, but the opportunity to create meaningful and long-lasting friendships with colleagues was an added bonus. You’re not just an intern at Argyle. You’re seen and heard, your work is valuable, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced this.

3. Question: Looking back at your intern journey, what’s one thing you’ve learned that you still take you with to this day?

  • Christina: Overcommunicate! In this industry, especially when you work in an agency, it’s so important to actively communicate with your team about your updates and progress on your work. Being an intern and working on all our different teams emphasized this along with the importance of asking lots of questions. Never be afraid to ask questions; it’s always better to ask than assume.
  • Emilita: You are your biggest advocate. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up and share your ideas – whether big or small, they matter! You never know how far your idea will go if you don’t raise your voice. This is something that I am constantly reminding myself of every day as I grow both personally and professionally. Thankfully, we have a great team that is inclusive and supportive of everyone, which makes all the difference.

4. Question: What are key things you look for when hiring potential candidates?

  • Christina: As an intern, we don’t expect you to come in being a PR expert, but we are looking for people who are passionate about the industry and who are eager to learn about the world of PR and agency life. We are looking for candidates who have a growth mindset, looking at ways they can constantly grow and improve and individuals who have an open mind and are interested in working across our different teams!
  • Emilita: In addition to Christina’s points, we are really looking for candidates who have a curious and creative mind, which really goes a long way in an internship. No two days are alike in PR, especially in agency – which makes it all the more exciting! If you’re willing to learn, ready to be challenged, and eager to work with some of the best PR pros in the industry, then this opportunity is for you!

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