“Mad Men”, “Scandal” and Making Change

Our clients aren’t salacious enough to keep Don Draper entertained for more than one Old Fashioned.

And Olivia Pope would be bored silly in our office staring out the window at charming St. Boniface, tears in her eyes, lip quivering in dramatic fashion, looking for a disaster to handle.

But not us. We love what we do.

For 20 years we have worked to bring important issues to Manitoba dinner tables. Issues from health and equality to safety and many more.

We’ve worked with clients to help change behaviours, create healthful exchanges and establish new habits.

Starting in our first year of business, we had the privilege to work on issues like disabilities and accessibility with Easter Seals and March of Dimes. In 1998, we worked with Society for Manitobans with Disabilities to help break down barriers for Manitobans with various abilities while raising funds to support local programming.

We have taken on some tough, controversial issues over the years from sexual health and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder to transgender rights.

We’ve worked with Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries to remind parents that they are the single biggest influence on their children’s drinking habits and age of debut, whether they believe it or not. We challenged them to Be the Influence.

We’ve spoken with young people on the risks of binge drinking in a way that didn’t lecture them but empowered them to make sound decisions based on social norms and real risks. We called that Undrunk.

We’ve asked Manitobans to Spot the hazard, Assess the risk, and Find a safer way, Every day.

We ask pregnant moms to know there is no known safe amount of alcohol during gestation. And we remind their networks to help support their pregnant partner, friend or daughter.

We encourage teens and adults in the North to have open, honest conversations about sex.

We work with LC Taylor to destigmatize financial problems by offering “Your Debt Rescue” to help countless families get back on their feet.

We work with six school divisions to help support public education and community involvement.

And we get paid for this!

We do other work without being paid because it’s the right thing to do, and the issues matter to us.

Issues like helping indigenous kids graduate at the same rate as non-indigenous kids matter. See Wayfinders for more.

Helping people persecuted in their country because of their sexual orientation get to Canada to live freely matters. See Reaching Out Winnipeg if you want to help.

Helping inner-city pregnant women get by day-to-day matters. See Thrive Winnipeg.

One thing that most of us ChangeMakers have in common is that we sleep well. I don’t think Don Draper or Olivia Pope saw logs like us.

For 20 years in both our work and our community giving, we’ve played a small role in making our world better. We have a team of professionals who earn a good living doing great work for amazing clients in a city and province we love.

Change is Good.

– Correy

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