Wondering about the shift from WFH to IRL? Ask our Interns

From meetings that could have been emails to multitasking during your team happy hour, there have been countless growing pains in adapting to work from home (WFH).

While we are not the first Argyle interns to do it all remotely, we will be the first transitioning back into a hybrid model. Our colleagues shared insights at the beginning of the pandemic on making WFH work, so we’re here to take you through what we look forward to leaving behind in the pandemic and what we’re excited to bring forward into a hybrid office model.

Christina’s taking more than her Lenovo back to the office

When it comes to flexibility, employers have learned the benefits of allowing their employees to have flexibility within their workdays. Whether it is a walk around the block or cooking up a quick lunch rather than buying takeout, WFH has allowed personally productive breaks to become seamlessly integrated into the day.

After tossing her WFH sweatpants, Caelan will also leave always being “on”

A virtual office removes the traditional boundaries of a nine to five workplace. Especially as an intern eager to impress, there is an underlying pressure to always be accessible and responsive. Our colleagues across time zones have helped us establish barriers like including “respond in the morning” in the subject line of an email or muting notifications after 5pm to help us “turn off” for the day.

Tossing the tired eyes of virtual burn out

We know Zoom fatigue is real and we’ve shut off our cameras and chose walking meetings and even moved to no meetings on Fridays. It’s safe to say as we move forward into hybrid work models, I’m hoping we can all increase efficiencies in office and out.

Taking a collaborative approach back to the office

While time zones still play a role in scheduling, the value in national collaboration is undeniable. Tools like Google Jamboard have become staples and will be sticking around for projects that require folks from across the country to work together. I will gladly Zoom anytime when working with team members in other provinces, but let’s keep local collaboration face-to-face.

When we return to the world of slacks and button-downs

With 18 months of work transitions under our belts and we move towards reopening, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We truly feel reflecting on the things that worked and didn’t during our time remote can help support our teams as we re-enter the office and best adjust to yet another workplace transition.

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