Argyle Joins Believeco:Partners - New owner-operator of partner-owned communications & marketing agencies will deliver more for clients across North America

Argyle’s partners are excited to announce that we have joined Believeco:Partners, an independent owner, operator and builder of the foremost marketing, communications and engagement agencies in North America.

Alongside Argyle, which continues as a partner-led engagement, communication and reputation agency, our clients will benefit from the services of Believeco, our new full-service marketing agency. Argyle continues to be a proud partner of Castlemain, the leading advisory firm serving Indigenous nations, peoples and communities. Together, these partner-led agencies comprise more than 300 professionals with offices across North America. Together, we aim to transform the North American communications and marketing landscape - while remaining proudly owned and led by practitioners.

It's the best of both worlds for our people and our clients: the leaders, teams and values you trust, driven by the same purpose, with exciting new partners and vast new resources, including an investment from the Canadian Business Growth Fund.

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Daniel Tisch, CEO, Argyle
Co-Managing Partner, Believeco:Partners

Public Relationships Index

Public Relationships Index2022-12-16T17:18:49-05:00

Argyle’s client work starts with the principle – validated by research – that in an age of intangible assets, relationship capital drives reputation, brand and business value. While public relations is a business process, public relationships are a business outcome.



Commitment to meet expectations

Caring for customers

Concern for people

Influence of the public

Since 2016, we have been using the Argyle Public Relationship IndexTM to study the health of relationships between organizations and their publics, featuring six key metrics strongly rooted in academic research.

Our 2022 study examined the state of relationships between employees and employers, as measured in employee assessments of their organizations. Check out the results here.


I am interested in having a relationship with the brands I buy and the service providers I do business with


Having a relationship with a brand makes me more likely to purchase from or do business with that organization


Having a relationship with a brand makes me more likely to recommend it

Please let us know how we can help you understand your organization’s relationships – and improve them through engagement, communication and leadership.

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