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Strong relationships = strong businesses.

Argyle has been building and nurturing our clients’ relationships for four decades, offering expertise in communication strategy, brand marketing, reputation management, crisis communications, digital and social media, public engagement, government relations and design.

Communicating with impact.

Business has always been about trust and relationships – but never more so than today. With non-physical and non-financial assets now comprising the majority of most companies’ valuations, intangibles such as trust and reputation are critical to long-term success.

Argyle will help you manage your reputation in ways that are memorable and meaningful to the stakeholders who matter most to you.

  • “We are exposed to risk every day, and appreciate that Argyle quickly understood our people, our culture and our business. Argyle is highly regarded when it comes to crisis communications, and Kal Tire is benefitting from their leadership.”

    — T. Cobb-Reeves, Director Communications, Kal Tire
  • Five reasons why brands take stands – and social change happens

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  • Strategic Communications
  • Corporate Brand Messaging
  • Content Marketing
    Influencer Relations
  • Financial Communications
    Corporate Reporting
  • The Master Communicator: Toronto Star interviews Dan Tisch

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  • Reputation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Executive Profile + Performance
  • Issues management
    Stakeholder relations
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    Learning from tragedy: Malaysian Airlines and crisis communications

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  • Crisis Communications
    Training + Simulations
  • Research + Audits
    Public Engagement

Building consumer and influencer confidence.

Argyle offers leadership and bench strength in consumer products – from food to technology to retail. We believe in building communications programs that are based on sound strategies. Our team is creative and bold – while caring deeply about seamless execution and generating meaningful, measurable results.


    Brownie Sundae on a Stick with Hot Peanut Butter Fudge Sauce

    If you’re looking for an indulgent treat, this twist on the ice cream parlour classic is just the trick. Find this recipe and more at

  • Special Events
    Contract Negotiations
  • Consumer Surveys
    Market Research
  • Dairy-Oh a flat
  • Influencer Programs
    Social Media Strategies
  • Award-winning media relations campaigns
  • “Aside from their dedication to detail, their hard work, and their creativity, the area [Argyle] gets the highest marks in is their ability to bring that “hook” to a campaign that makes the media jump up and take notice.”

    — M. Smith, Home Economist
  • Familiarization trips to farms, factories + tourism sites
  • Comprehensive communication planning + execution
  • Trade missions to link buyers with sellers
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    Armstrong Cheese presents: Tips and Tricks with Cheese

    Chef Julian Bond gives tips for a great Mac & Cheese recipe to help you impress family and friends.

  • “When our industry faced the biggest food recall in history, Argyle was critical to our successful recovery.”

    — Patrick Archer, President, American Peanut Council
  • Social Responsibility Programs + Reports
  • Can your reputation weather a customer service crisis?

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  • Issues + Crisis Management
  • Ontario Pork 780 x 480 1-01

Creating awareness, trust and demand.

Argyle's health and wellness team is known for its deep relationships with health stakeholders across Canada. Whether it's launching pharmaceuticals and natural health products, engaging health professionals, advocating for patients or educating Canadians about managing and preventing diseases, our team builds strong partnerships that get results for clients while advancing public health.

The Argyle approach is right for an age of health care consumerism, with a changing regulatory landscape and an expectation of both communication and collaboration between organizations and audiences. The relationships we've earned – and results we've achieved – are the best evidence.

  • “I truly value Argyle's communications counsel and experience. That is why I have proudly recommended Argyle to medical peers and healthcare professional associations.”

    — Jennifer Stinson, RN, PhD, CPNP
  • Disease Awareness
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    A Day in the Life of a Cystic Fibrosis Patient

    One Canadian living with cystic fibrosis, and the challenges of her daily therapy.

  • Advocacy + Cause Marketing
  • Issues + Crisis Management
  • Direct-to-Consumer Engagement
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    Breathe Right Sleep Pod Hotel

    Campaign highlight video reel of media coverage and pop-up Sleep Pod Hotel execution.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Brand Relations
  • NOC and OTC Product + Program Launches
  • Healthcare Professional Engagement
  • Key Opinion Leader Recruitment
  • Digital Community Enhancement
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  • “Argyle has been a dream to work with. They presented a robust plan that demonstrated they were listening & clearly understood objectives. Initiatives were executed as promised, within timelines & results exceeded expectations. I have repeatedly recommended Argyle to colleagues and peers.”

    — D. Guertin, Sr. Product Manager, Allergan Canada

Strategic relationships between governments and publics.

Argyle’s government-relations team is on the ground in Ottawa monitoring developments and engaging directly with decision-makers and influencers. We can deliver insight on how change in Ottawa affects you and your business – and counsel on the right business and communications strategy. Argyle offers rich experience and understanding of the unique communications needs of clients in government or doing business with government. At the municipal, provincial and federal levels, we have a successful track record of creating dialogue, building influence and designing solutions on challenging public policies and programs.
We are known for exceptional, long-term relationships with both public and private sector clients because we deliver not only short-term results, but also long-term thinking for our clients. We are happy to discuss your government-relations needs and opportunities, and to provide insight and intelligence to support your interactions with the public sector – both in Ottawa and in provincial capitals and major cities across Canada.

    Argyle opens federal public affairs practice in Ottawa

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  • Public + Stakeholder Engagement Programs
  • Gov-FederalWatch
  • Facilitation + Moderation Services
  • Advocacy + Social Marketing
  • Media + Government Relations
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  • Coordination and Execution of Complex Public Consultations
  • Argyle adds VPs in Toronto and Ottawa, planning for 2016 growth

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  • Strategic Planning + Counsel
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  • Spokesperson Training
  • Canadian families: What they mean to political parties

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  • Crisis + Issues Management
  • Speech Writing

Digital@Argyle: Connecting + building relationships online.

Digital@Argyle believes that online strategies are most effective when used to build relationships. That's why we focus first on helping and educating our clients' publics; only then do we earn the right to sell and market products and ideas. We help clients to invest the right amount of time, energy and resources into the right digital platforms or solutions to engage their publics – directly, consistently and effectively.
Digital@Argyle's approach ensures our clients earn both attention and trust by providing remarkable and engaging experiences.

  • Influencer Engagement
    Integrated Programs
    Strategic Partnerships
  • Argyle earns international award for interactive campaign

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  • VSEO + SEM
    Digital + Social Advertising
    eCRM Programs
  • “Argyle helped create an award-winning social media program for the Ontario Science Centre's (OSC) The Brain Exhibition. They are not only collaborative and creative, but also results-oriented and outcome-driven.”

    — A. Relyea, Director Strategic Communications, OSC
  • Custom Content Creation
    Mobile + Digital Apps
    Websites + Microsites
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    OVMA - A Social Evolution

    Argyle earns international award for interactive campaign

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    Mobile Manners - Restroom Phone Etiquette

  • Digital Brand Analysis
    Social Brand Analysis
    Competitive Analysis
  • Wireframe Documents
  • IAs + Wireframes
    Technical Briefs
    User Testing
  • Conversation Mapping
    Influencer Mapping
    Customer Journeys
  • Customer Intent Modelling
    Audience Personas
    User Experience Mapping
  • When every day is a holiday, when do you celebrate?

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  • Staff Training Sessions
    Education Workshops
    Crisis Simulations
  • Beyond Compliance
  • AODA Compliance
    Digital Audits
    Reporting + Data Analysis
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Your Brand. Powered By Communication.™

Argyle Brand Counsel + Design (ABC+D) merges branding, communications and PR to influence how your public perceives and interacts with your brands, your culture and your ideas. We believe distinctive visual identities are just one aspect of great brands. A brand identity alone won’t earn reputations, relationships or business results. That's why we go broader – and deeper – helping our clients’ brands achieve their full potential, engage their audiences, and influence their influencers.

Argyle's brand services include not just outstanding visual identities and systems, but also strategies for sustained communication and engagement that connect with your audiences – on their terms.

    Your brand, powered by communication

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  • Market Positioning
    Brand Counsel + Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
    Brand Architecture
  • Corporate + Product Naming
  • Tagline Development
    Logo Design
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  • “They bring a vast array of experience and knowledge, are strong strategic thinkers and, most importantly, are willing to work in a highly collaborative fashion.”

    — B. McOstrich, Vice President of Marketing, Sentry Investments
  • Argyle earns top PR awards, unveils new brand identity

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  • Visual Identity Systems
    Brand Identity Guidelines
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  • Creative + Web Design
    Print Production Management
  • Web + Print-based Brand Delivery Systems
  • Visual + Verbal Brand Identity
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  • Corporate Reports
    CSR + Financial Reports
    Consumer Publications
  • Signage + Wayfinding
    Packaging Design
  • Logos, personal brands and presidential politics

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Argyle helps clients captivate their audiences.

Argyle Video Productions works with clients to communicate their stories in powerful, effective videos. We listen closely and collaboratively develop engaging creative that does what our clients want it to do – educate, energize and engage their audiences.
Live action, animation or for social media, every video Argyle creates stands alone yet also connects to our clients’ broader visions, reputations and brands. The Argyle team has worked in the field with interview subjects from all walks of life. Our shoots are organized and our sets are calm. That’s how we put subjects at ease – so they look and sound like themselves, and deliver authentic, on-topic interviews. Argyle brings out the best in everyone.


    Argyle's Video Production Studio

    Argyle Public Relationships is pleased to announce our new video studio, a “one-stop-shop” for filming professional quality, quick-turnaround, budget-friendly video content, specifically designed for executives to address the camera.

    Whether you’d like to record a short message for your team, respond to developing news or answer a series of FAQs, you need go no further than Argyle’s video studio at Bloor & Church. We have a director on site, a quiet, private studio and the equipment ready to turn around your video within an hour or two of recording.

    The next time you need to strengthen your relationships with your public using video, Argyle would love to help!

  • Awareness Building Videos
    Product + Service Launches
    PSAs + Commercials
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    Beauty Gives Back: Helping Women with Cancer

    Diagnosed with cancer at 23, Nikola felt she had lost control over what was happening to her body. A free Look Good Feel Better workshop helped her take control over her appearance and provided a safe place to connect with other women facing the emotional challenges of cancer.

  • Social Videos
    Live Stream/Event Videos
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    TD: iPad app launch

    TD wanted a video to create internal excitement among 80,000 bank staff around the launch of their iPad app. TD was one of the first banks to launch an iPad app in Canada.

  • Corporate/Personal Profiles
    Customer Testimonials
    Explainer Videos
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    Ecofiscal: What should your province do with its carbon revenue?

    The primary objective of carbon pricing is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the price is only half the story. Carbon pricing can generate substantial revenue for provincial governments. How this revenue is recycled back into the economy can affect both economic and environmental objectives. This video focuses on the six revenue recycling options.

  • Decisive Field Direction
    Talent Management
    Script Writing
  • Tina Gladstone 02
  • Concept Development
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  • 2D + 3D Animations
    Graphics Creation
    Post Production Services
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    Argyle's Video Reel

    Argyle Video Productions works with clients to communicate their stories in powerful, effective videos. We listen closely and collaboratively to develop engaging creative that does what our clients want it to do – educate, energize and engage their audiences. Our broad range of experience includes both live action and animated productions: awareness-building videos, product and service launches, customer testimonials, sizzle reels, explainer videos, and more.

  • “I've worked with Argyle many times. They’re highly creative and organized; and they’re calm on set, which draws out our best performances. I'm always comforted knowing they’re on board, because I know they will deliver a great product.”

    — M. McGillion, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, McMaster University

Reputation: A strategic driver for business growth.

Business has always been about trust and relationships – but never more so than today. With non-physical and non-financial assets now comprising the majority of companies’ valuations, intangibles such as trust and reputation are critical to long-term success.
At Argyle PR, we see reputation as a business asset that can be measured and managed. Together with our partners at The Reputation Institute, we bring an exclusive service to the Canadian marketplace to help businesses improve their return on reputation.

  • “When it came to finding a Canadian partner to match our expertise in reputation measurement with a thought leader in reputation management, Argyle PR stood out in its ability to harness the power of reputation to drive business success.”

    — J. Bedard, President & CEO of Reputation Institute
  • Custom Measurement + Benchmarking
  • The Ghomeshi story: A ruined reputation, an important conversation

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  • Corporate Brand Messaging
    CSR Alignment
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  • Crisis Preparedness
    Risk + Issues Management
  • TRUST: The currency of resilient business

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  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Executive Coaching
    Spokesperson Training
  • Workshops + Webinars
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    Argyle ranked as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

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Our client relationships.

Are you ready to deepen your relationships?