Argyle’s expertise touches every dimension of health care — from pharmaceuticals to public health to self-care and consumer health. We help launch new therapies, medical devices and consumer products. We engage health professionals, journalists and opinion leaders. We advocate for patients. And we educate Canadians and help change behaviour to manage and prevent disease. In every strategy, we deliver solutions rooted in research, ethics, transparency and trust.


Disease Education and Understanding:

Argyle helps Canadians better understand diseases — and how to manage and prevent them.

Patient Advocacy:

We amplify patients’ voices to change both public attitudes and individual behaviour.

Issues and Crisis Management:

Argyle’s experts help clients manage challenges with both initiative and integrity.

Product Advisories, Warnings and Recalls:

Through effective and transparent messaging, we prepare clients with tools to keep patients safe, anticipating and responding to patient, public and stakeholder concerns.

Change Management:

We facilitate dialogue between stakeholders affected by change — both inside and outside organizations.

Corporate Reputation and Thought Leadership:

Argyle helps clients earn strong reputations through their words and actions.

Direct-to-Patient Engagement:

We engage patients in authentic ways –built on information, empathy, education and empowerment.

Stakeholder Engagement:

We build valuable and lasting relationships between an organization and everyone with a stake in its success.

Notice of Compliance Announcements and Over-the-Counter Product Launches:

The Argyle team prepares companies and brands to announce the availability of new products and therapies — in ways that earn attention and support.

Key Opinion Leader Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement:

We build valuable, enduring relationships with key partners across the health system.

Social Media Marketing and Community Engagement:

We use digital touchpoints to earn brand affinity and loyalty with the public.

Campaign Websites:

Argyle creates a supportive online presence with interactive tools to engage targeted consumers.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

We help integrate brands and cultures to transfer brand and reputational equity in effective ways — helping you create something greater than the sum of its parts.

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