Communication and engagement are essential to any strategy aiming to reconcile the most pressing social justice and economic development issues affecting Indigenous peoples.

At Argyle, we have a long history of working with Indigenous communities, nations and organizations to design and deliver programs around complex – and often sensitive – subject matter.

For us, collaboration is critical. The Argyle team combines research expertise with proven techniques to create greater awareness, engagement, mutual understanding and action. Our clients bring unique insights into culture, practices and audience specifics that only they will know.

Together, we develop authentic, meaningful communications underpinned by the principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. The result: better, more sustainable decisions, rooted in the needs of Indigenous peoples.


Indigenous Engagement Planning:

Creating spaces that are respectful, culturally informed and safe to encourage meaningful participation from all stakeholders.

Strategic Communications:

Developing research-driven communications strategies that engage the right people, with the right message, at the right times – all to support our clients’ objectives and the needs of communities.

Program Strategy and Execution:

Co-developing Indigenous-specific, culturally-relevant programs that achieve measurable results, from awareness to engagement to behaviour change.

Media Relations:

Guiding public positioning of organizations and ideas relevant to Indigenous issues.

Campaign Strategy and Execution:

Designing and implementing smart, engaging, and creative multi-channel, multimedia campaigns.

Digital Engagement:

Developing and launching sophisticated data-driven programs through a range of online platforms.

Thought Leadership:

Assisting Indigenous leaders as they shape the public narrative and agenda in ways that enhance their reputation, credibility, and authority on the most important issues of our time.

Event Management:

Building culturally safe, trauma-informed events to create unforgettable experiences that improve our communication as well as stakeholder and public relationships.

Strategic Planning:

Using community-driven insights to co-develop sustainable and scalable solutions that mobilize individuals, communities and organizations in coming together.


Providing expertise in designing and facilitating culturally relevant and respectful discussions, workshops and public events, large and small alike.

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