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By Jean-Pierre Veilleux

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Argyle Brand Counsel and Design President Jean-Pierre Veilleux
Argyle Brand Counsel and Design President Jean-Pierre Veilleux

Argyle launches new brand counsel and creative design consultancy
Argyle, one of Canada’s largest independent public relations firms, today announced the launch of a new subsidiary, Argyle Brand Counsel + Design. ABC+D combines branding, design, communications and public relations to influence how the public perceives and interacts with brands, the cultures they create, and the ideas they promote.

Branding is increasingly crucial in integrated communications and the addition of ABC+D’s capabilities ensures Argyle’s clients get top-level strategic and creative brand communications advice and services.

The new company is led by creative strategist Jean-Pierre Veilleux, a bilingual branding and design veteran, who was previously Vice President of Creative Strategy within the Publicis Group.

Argyle CEO Daniel Tisch, who now also serves as Chairman of ABC+D, sees the new company as another step in Argyle’s evolution to help its clients build their reputations and brands.

“Public relations is thriving due to the rising importance of relationships to strong reputations and healthy brands,” Tisch says. “Traditional brand-building was designed for an era where customers, citizens and stakeholders had far less power. At Argyle, we see a market opportunity for brand counsel from specialists who truly understand how to earn attention, build trust and strengthen relationships.”

ABC+D’s singular structure ensures that Argyle’s core communication functions are fully integrated within its branding and creative offering, giving clients the confidence that their brand is set on a clear path for growth, within a consistent, disciplined and measured communications framework.

“Great branding is not just about creating distinctive new brand identities; it’s about tracking the brand’s underlying health, and building it wisely and creatively over time,” Veilleux says. “At ABC+D, we are brand counselors, brand communicators and brand designers — and our clients tell us it’s a powerful combination.”

About the Author:
Jean-Pierre Veilleux is the President and Creative Director for Argyle Brand Counsel + Design; more lovingly known as ABC+D.

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